Academic Support

Academic Support

The Principal and Curriculum Coordinators work closely with the teachers to determine the Curriculum content and assessment processes across the College.

All students at Geelong Baptist College are welcomed into a positive learning environment.  The aim of the College is to support every student and help them to engage with learning both inside and outside the classroom. 

In order to support students to develop academically, a number of processes have been put in place to determine areas of each individual student’s weaknesses and strengths.

The College implements a vast array of assessment methods which in turn supports students and their different or preferred learning styles.

Once individual strengths and weaknesses have been identified in students, teachers employ a range of teaching strategies and activities to cater for these differences.

Examples of academic support include:

  1. Modification of student work requirements or tasks including extension work
  2. Provision of tutoring for students
  3. Implementation of Individual Education Plans.  These highlight attainable goals for students and are created in consultation with parents.  These plans are put in place for students who have demonstrated that they are either :–
  • Needing extension and enrichment
  • Below standard in an academic area
  • Having behavioural issues
  1. Utilising support staff at the College in and out of the classroom:-
  • Integration Aide
  • Welfare Teacher
  • Chaplain
  1. Seeking external advice or seeking ideas from fellow teachers. 


College Affirmation...

I have a right to learn free from distraction.

I have a right to feel safe.

I always work to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me courteously and with respect.

I show courage when I attempt new things and I don’t give up easily.

I believe the best of myself and others.

I am the winner I was created to be.