Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management

Discipline Policy


  • Students have a right to learn and teachers a right to teach.
  • At GBC, our focus is on maintaining a positive learning environment and high expectations and standards. 
  • The College aims to assist students to be responsible, confident, respectful and reliable young adults.
  • A strong, consistent discipline policy complements these goals and is based on four important concepts:


Justice    Acceptance    Learning     Safety


  • Staff response to student behaviour is appropriate and consistent, and the consequences for behaviour are affirming, just, progressive and predictable.
  • Support and counselling are also provided for students, as well as regular communication with parents, but if students repeatedly choose to disrespect the college standards, they may lose their place at the college. 


Download the 2021 Primary Student Conduct, Discipline and Uniform policy here.


Download the 2021 Secondary Student Conduct, Discipline and Uniform policy here.

College Affirmation...

I have a right to learn free from distraction.

I have a right to feel safe.

I always work to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me courteously and with respect.

I show courage when I attempt new things and I don’t give up easily.

I believe the best of myself and others.

I am the winner I was created to be.