Fee Schedule

Below are the fees for 2020


Family Registration Fee:  $ 100.00      (non refundable)               


Enrolment Fee:     $ 200.00     (non refundable, but this amount is deducted from the tuition fees)



Year Level Cost per year
Foundation (Prep) $ 3,500
Year 1 $ 3,500
Year 2 $ 3,610
Year 3 $ 3,730
Year 4 $ 3,940
Year 5 $ 3,950
Year 6 $ 4,100
Year 7 $ 6,270
Year 8 $ 6,530
Year 9 $ 6,900
Year 10 $ 6,900
Year 11 $ 6,900
Year 12 $ 6,900


Fee Structure

The College has an incremental fee structure as outlined in the above table. These fees incorporate the costs of all the different sporting activities (including a two week swimming program for Primary students), excursions, incursions and an array of activities.

Camps at different year levels (Yr 3-6, 7, 9, 11) are listed and charged separately (listed below). Apart from the camps the College does not have any levies.


Sibling Discounts


Payment Options

All College fees are to be paid via the school's Direct Debit system. The options for payment are outlined below:



1. Camps

·Year 3 - $30, Year 4 -6 $250, Year 7 - $300, Year 9 EDGE (2 camps) - $600, Year 11 - $340.

·Camps are compulsory and it is expected that all students attend.

2. Booklists

·Booklists are ordered online through Campion and outline the costs for each year level and for each subject. Please visit www.campion.com.au, using ‘WTXF’ as your code.The College utilises Sustainable School Shop for secondhand items. www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

3. GBC Private Bus Services

·Full time travel is $30 per week, per student

·Part time travel is $20 per week, per student.

This is a subsidised cost attained when parents complete their Conveyance Allowance form. 

·Occasional travel is $4.50 per trip.  Occasional passes are purchased from the Office.

4. Uniforms

·Families will purchase uniform items according to student requirements.

·New uniforms can be purchased from Bellarine Uniforms (Noone) at 162 Moorabool Street, Geelong.

·The College utilises Sustainable School Shop for secondhand items. The second hand uniform shop at the College will be winding down and is likely to close during 2020.

5. Instrumental Music lessons

·These lessons and payment are arranged privately between the family and the music teacher.

6. VET/Distance Education

·Additional costs are associated with VET courses and/or if some Distance Education Studies are undertaken.