Science at Geelong Baptist College is a subject that fosters creativity and imagination in regards to conceptualising the way the universe works from Year Levels 7-12. Led by our passionate staff, students engage in topics from the smallest atoms to giant black holes in such a way that students are encouraged to inquire and explore how things work. We believe that students learn best by engaging in their own investigations and experiments. Furthermore, we like to take a hands-on approach to introducing the world of science to the student, in an authentic way that represents the true nature of science as a career.


The science curriculum has a topic focus on the area of Geelong, such as its environment, sustainability, water quality, and more. Encouraging the students to explore the world around them, and to appreciate the unique environment that they live in. Each year level goes on an excursion, leading students to explore some amazing things in Geelong and the surrounding regions. From canoeing in Swan Bay, snorkeling, analyzing different types of Zooplankton, to visiting universities and community organisations. Students also explore current global issues and discoveries; such as nanotechnological advances to novel medical breakthroughs.


We aim to develop students science inquiry skills, their understanding of science as a human endeavor, and their science understanding through the core topics of Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space, and Physical Sciences. Furthermore, being a Christian school, we promote the creationist view while maintaining an appropriate balanced curriculum.


Subject Overviews:

Year 7 Science

Year 8 Science

Year 9 Science

Year 10 Science

Year 7-10 Scope and Sequence

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